Lots of Lollies to Choose From!

Sample our vast selection of assorted lollies at Lots of Lollies in Mogo!

Browse our list of yummy assorted lollies below or view our 100gm packets of lollies from the jar.

Air space water gun
Alien pop
Aniseed Imperial Rolls
Armband tattoos
Astro pop
Astronaut ice cream
Atomic fireballs
Australian bush friends
Baby banana candy spray
Baby bottles blue
Baby bottles pink
Baby bottles yellow
Baby dummies
Banana split chews
Beacon fizzers
Big baby pop
Big baby pop Despicable Me
Big Boss bubblegum
Big boss caramel
Big stick bubblegum
Bling ring jawbreakers
Blood balls bubblegum
Bloodsucker lollipops
Bloody eyes
Brain licker
Bubble roll message maker
Bubblicious cotton gum
Bubblicious watermelon gum
Bulls balls
Byron Bay Chocolate Co.
Camels balls
Candy bracelet
Candy corn
Candy necklace
Candy poles
Candy showcase spiral lollipops
Candy sours
Candy watch peko
Candyland powdered bubble gum
Caramel popcorn
Cavendish tins
Chika puka grape
Chocolate fish
Chocolate gold coins
Chocolate pasta
Choo choo licorice
Choo choo raspberry
Classic scooter
Cosmic ice cream
Crackle rocks
Crayon liquid bubble
Crazy slime
Crazy teeth
Cry baby dip n lick
Cry baby gumball
Cyclops runners
Darrell Lea
DC Comics candy sticks
Double dips
Double drops
Double trouble spray
Dubble bubble gum dispenser
Dubble bubble gum dispenser Hot Sports
Dubble bubble gum dispenser Pro Ball
Edinburgh Rock gift box
Eggo candy powder mix
Emoji lollipop tattoo
Europe nougat honey bars
Fairy Floss
Fart eyes
Finding Nemo
Fini boom watermelon bubble gum
Fini roller fantasy
Fini roller strawberry
Fizzy fun sherbet bottle
Flip & dip push pops
Fluro mini Stix
Flying saucer cones
Flying saucers
Fortune bubblegum
Frozen milk chocolate bars
Fry’s peppermint cream
Ghost drops
Giant Cables
Giant candy necklace
Giant paintball pops
Giant rainbow straws

Ginger snap gum
Gobstoppers massive
Gold nugget bubblegum
Halloween popping candy
Handy candy tools
Harry Potter botts
Hawaiian crunch
Heart beat love candy
Hectic popping candy
Hello Kitty candy basket
Hello kitty prize n pop
Hot dogs
Hubba bubba bubblegum grape
Hubba bubba bubblegum strawberry
Hubba bubba tape grape
Hubba bubba tape strawberry
Hubba bubba tape triple
Ice breaker sours
Ice cream chews
ICU cyclops jawbreaker
Jawbreaker tornado pops
Jelly belly
Jolly ranchers
Johnson’s gift jars
Joo Joos crayon
Joo joos mega snake
Joo Joos shar-kee jawbreakers
Joo Joos sour bombs
Joo joos sour hammer candy
Ka bluey
Ka bluey blast bar
Ka dunks
Kendal mint cake
Kissy’s lipstick
Laffy stretchy
Laffy taffy
Laffy taffy rope
Lava rocks bubblegum
Licenced chocolate lollipops
Lick a stick strawberry & grape
Lickedy lips
Lik M Aid dips
Lolly mania party lollipops
Love hearts
Macaroon bars
Marbles with candy
Marshmallow lollipops
Marzipan bars
Mega candy spray
Mega chilli strawberry
Mega pop mouth painter
Mega sour foam
Mega sour roller
Mega sour slime
Mega sour spray sherbet & candy
Mega sour tower spray & sherbet
Melody pops
Metre licorice
Mile Long Gum
Milk duds
Mini burgers
Mini gumball machine
Monsta licks lollipop
Monster gobstopper
Moo chews
Nerds 5 ball tube
Nintendo Controller
Nougat almond
Nougat fruit & nut
Nougat macadamia
Nougat pink & white
Nougat pistachio
Nougat tutti fruiti
Peanut brittle
Peppa Pig muddy puddle
Pet egg with jelly beans
Pez Despicable Me
Pez Micky clubhouse
Pez minions
Pez moji
Pez monster university
Pez muppets
Pez my little pony
Pez peanuts
Pez pixar
Pez princess
Pez refill fizzy
Pez refill fruity
Pez smurfs
Pez Star Wars
Pex superhero girl
Pez Super Mario
Pez transformers

Pez trolls
Pig farts
Pink purse
Pixy kids giant necklace
Pop rocks dips & tattoo
Pop rocks magic
Pop rocks popping strawberry
Popcorn butter flavoured
Popcorn caramel with peanuts
Possum poop
Push pops
Push pops duo
Red skins
Refresher rolls
Rhubarb rock
Ring pops
RJ licorice log
Rosey apple lollipops
Rowntrees Fruit gums
Runts Theatre box
Sadi lollipops
Santa lollipops
Scream pops
Sea critters
Sherbet fountains
Sherbet whips
Slim fruits peach melba
Slim rhubarb & strawberry
Smog balls
Smurf mushroom
Snap & crackle bar
Snap & glow pops
Soccer gum balls
Sour blast candy spray
Sour blast grenades
Sour crazy crackles
Sour cube
Sour filled mega eggs
Sour gecko
Sour mega lollipop
Sour patch gum orange
Sour pottie pops
Sour straps cola
Sour straps lemonade
Sour straps multi
Sour straps multi pack
Sour straps sherbet
Sour straps strawberry
Sour straps watermelon
Sour twist
Sour worms
Spew balls
Starburst lollipops
Super hero cotton
Super Mario Coins
Super tattoos
Super water pistol
Sweetworld fairy floss
Sweetworld lollipop
Swirl lollipops
Tangy tongues
TNT shock cola
TNT shocks apple
Toxic waste
Toxic waste hi-voltage gum
Transformers autobot
Triple dipper
Triple power push pop
Trolli gummi lunch
Turkish delight
Umbrella lollipops
Unicorn balls
Vampire bubblegum
Walkers toffee
Walnut whips
Warheads double drops
Warheads extreme sour
Warheads jelly beans
Warheads sour juniors
Warheads sour spray
Warheads what’s up + badge
Willy Wonka double dip nerds
Willy Wonka neon nerds
Wonka fabulicious rasp twist
Wonka gobstopper
Wonka laffy taffy
Wonka nerds rope
Xmas stockings
Xmas swirl pops
Zombie chews sour apple
Zombie chews strawberry
Zombie chews tutti fruiti