Lots of packets of lollies to choose from!

Browse our packets of lollies below. Each packet contains 100gm of lollies from the jar.

Or view our assorted lollies.

Acid drops
Aniseed balls black
Aniseed balls dark red
Aniseed rings
Aniseed twists unwrapped
Aniseed twists wrapped
Apple & custard
Army & Navy unwrapped
Army & Navy wrapped
Assorted bon bons
Banana & custard
Barley Sugars
Beach mix
Black & white mints
Black jacks
Blackberry & raspberry
Blackcurrant & Liquorice
Blackcurrant bon bons
Blackcurrant drops
Bullseyes black
Bullseyes red
Bumper bananas
Butter mints
Candy teeth
Caramel buds
Catherine wheels
Cherry wheels
Chewy bubblegum bon bons
Chewy choc bon bons
Chocolate aniseed rings
Chocolate coffee beans
Chocolate eclairs
Chocolate filled peppermints
Chocolate fruit bon bons
Chocolate ginger drops
Chocolate limes
Chocolate malt balls
Chocolate mint bon bons
Chocolate mint chews
Chocolate peppermint balls
Chunky funky sour ears
Clear Blue mints
Clotted cream bon bons
Clove drops
Coconut mushrooms
Coffee Crunch
Cola bottles
Cola cubes
Cola rola balls
Crazy jelly beans
Dark chocolate liquorice bullets
Dark chocolate nougat
Devon mints
Dew drops
Dolly mixture
Dusted jelly babies
Dutch liquorice black coins
Dutch liquorice cats
Dutch liquorice double salt
Dutch liquorice farmyard animals
Dutch liquorice honey bee hives
Dutch liquorice large diamonds

Dutch liquorice salmiak poen
Dutch liquorice salmiak rockies
Dutch liquorice triple salt
English cream toffee
Eskimo mints
Everton mints
Extra strong mints
Fizzoes orange
Fizzoes purple
Fizzy cherry cola bottles
Fizzy chips very sour
Fizzy mix supa sour
Fizzy soda drops
Flat feet
Fresh strawberry bears
Fried eggs
Friendship rings
Fruit caramels
Fruit jellies
Fruit pastilles
Fruit salad gums
Fruit salad rock
Fruit sticks
Fruit Vienna bon bons
Fruity frogs
Fruity sherbet bombs
Giant cola bottles
Giant dolphins
Ginger drops
Gobstopper giant
Gobstopper monster
Gobstopper red/yellow/black
Gobstopper small
Gobstopper USA
Green apple bears
Gum balls
Heart throbs
Honey bears
Honey eucalyptus
Horror mix
Jaka Rum balls
Jelly babies dusted
Jelly beans mini black
Jelly filled skulls
Jersey caramels
Jumbo fizzy cola bottles
Lemon bon bons
Licorice sherbet bombs
Lime juice & soda
Liquorice allsorts
Liquorice cream rock
Liquorice torpedoes
Mango drops
Mega sour apples
Menthol & eucalyptus
Midget gums
Milk bottles
Milk chocolate liquorice bullets
Mini Florals
Mint fondants
Mint humbugs
Mint imperials
Murray mints
Musk sticks
Pear drops unwrapped
Pear drops wrapped

Peppermint pencils
Pineapple cubes
Pontefract cakes
Racing cars
Radical storms blue raspberry
Radical storms bubblegum
Radical storms multicolour
Radical storms strawberry
Raspberry & lemonade
Raspberry drops
Red frogs
Red liquorice rolls
Rhubarb & custard
Rosey apples
Ross’s after dinner mints
Ross’s Berwick cockles
Ross’s coffee creams
Ross’s Edinburgh rock
Ross’s ginger creams
Saltwater taffy assorted
Saltwater taffy coconut key lime
School chalk
Scottish tablet
Sherbet bombs
Sherbet lemons unwrapped
Sherbet lemons wrapped
Shocking lemon drops
Slate pencils
Snakes Alive
Soft centre snails
Sour apples
Sour blowpipe multicolour
Sour blowpipe strawberry
Sour blowpipes watermelon
Sour mandarines
Sour melons
Spearmint discs
Spearmint leaves
Strawberries & cream
Strawberry milkshakes
Teddy bears gummy
Toffee apples
Toffee banana whirls
Toffee liquorice whirls
Toffee strawberry whirls
Toffee whirls
Treacle mints
Treacle toffee
Triple hearts
Turkish delight
UFO discs
Vampire teeth
Watermelon bon bons
Watermelon slices
Wine gums
Winter mixture
Witchetty grubs